Why You Should Never Leave Your Keys At Home

As technology advances, so does the frequency of criminals who use advanced technology to attack unknowing victims. It’s a scary reality, but it’s one that everyone needs to be aware of. The good news is, there are very simple things you can do to stay safe and put yourself at much less of a risk for a scam or cyber attack. For example, you should make sure to change your online passwords once every few months and make those passwords complicated so no one could guess what they are. 

The YouTuber DaveHax shows us another piece of crime that we should all be aware of. In his video, he demonstrates that by leaving your key out in the open, you are making yourself vulnerable to theft. That’s because, with just a photo and a printer, you can make a workable copy of most any key. You don’t even need a fancy 3-D printer, this can be done with a simple pair of scissors and a food can. 

Dave starts by taking a picture of a key, sitting next to a coin that is used for scale. Then he prints off the picture, using the coin to make sure the key in the photo is the exact same size as the original. Once the key is printed off, he tapes it to the lid of a can and cuts out the shape of the key very carefully. The result is a workable copy of the original key. So, make sure not to leave keys unattended and always keep them in a safe place. 

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H/T: DaveHax

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