Wife Never Gives Up On Comatose Husband

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about marriage is the promise of togetherness, unending loyalty, and commitment. These traits, cemented by phrases like “in sickness and in health,” are the central factors that contribute to a successful marriage. However, when these vows are tested, it’s often easy for couples to lose sight of the visions they’ve prepared for their future. Take, for instance, newlyweds Mathew and Danielle Davis. After a tragic motorcycle incident left Matthew in a dismal coma, Danielle was forced to confront her promise of unending commitment – in sickness and in health – to her now dying husband. The actions she took went far above and beyond what anyone would have ever expected.

Danielle, having only been married to Matthew for seven months, was told by doctors that his chance of waking up from the coma was incredibly low – 10%, to be exact. She remembers her doctor trying to push her into making the final decision: “The doctor said, ‘You know, if this were me, I’d want my family to pull the plug.’” However, Danielle pressed on, dedicated to bringing her husband back to health. Instead of pulling the plug, Danielle took her husband home and became his full-time caretaker for nearly three months. Finally, after weeks and weeks of hoping for a miracle, Matthew woke up. Upon waking, it was discovered that Matthew had lost all of his memory and could barely walk or talk – but Danielle took this as nothing less than a chance to start again. Today, nearly four years after his accident, Matthew is walking, talking, and even riding a bike. Check out the video below to see Matthew’s reaction to learning about how his wife literally saved his life.

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H/T: CBS This Morning

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