You Can Make This Amazing Tabletop For … Wait For It … Pennies!

There’s a lot of talk about pennies these days. Specifically, what should we do with them? They cost more in metals to manufacture than their face value gets you in the store, which is a big problem, economically speaking. It might seem crazy to get rid of the base unit of our currency, but did you know that we used to have a half-cent coin as well? It was minted for 65 years. We got rid of it because as inflation went up, it was simply not worth making them anymore. Sound familiar? Well, the penny is worth far less than the half-cent was when we ditched it. Adjusted for inflation, its buying power at the time we dropped that half-penny was equal to around 14 cents!

So, clearly at some point in history, we got a little more sentimental over our currency. Or, less willing to do a little more math when buying things. What we don’t realize is, it’s actually less math! If we dropped the penny from circulation, it would mean that all prices would be divisible by 5 or 10, and you’d never see $199.97 at the register ever again. Most coin-accepting machines already do this and some restaurants have even started rounding bills down to the nearest 5 cents. Yes, you read that right, down. It turns out it’s cheaper to lose a few pennies on a sale than it is to pay someone to count them for you.

So, if pennies are basically worthless as money, what do we do with all of the ones just sitting around our house? Well, they actually make for great decor! We’ve seen all kinds of penny-based projects but our favorite is a classic. ShabbyDIY breathes life into an old junk-store table by laying out a beautiful pattern of pennies before giving them a permanent home under a clear, epoxy resin. We think it’s a striking piece that fits literally anyone’s budget. Enjoy.

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H/T: ShabbyDIY

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